Gunn & Moore Diamond 202 Slagträ

650 kr


  • Grade 1 Kashmir Willow
  • ‘Ready to play’ – Covered for immediate use and durability
  • ToeTek™ protection reduces toe damage and increases resistance to damp
  • Treble spring handle
  • HEX grip



Bats from Kashmiri Willow have some different characteristics from English made bats and even though the faces of these bats have been pressed to give a tough resilient surface, nevertheless some surface cracks and indentations will, in all probability, appear in use. Such markings should be ignored; they are normal for this type of timber and will not detract from the continuing good performance of the bat.

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Gunn & Moore

Bat Size

Short Handle, Harrow, Size 6, Size 5, Size 4


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